For Sale: A display stand that brings to mind the feeling of wabishi sabishi

Industrial fixture with rough cherry top

Hello fellow bonsai enthusiasts! Recently, I was wandering through a salvage yard in Albany, NY and found a half dozen rusted industrial fixtures and thought that they would make wonderful, understated display stands for large bonsai. After purchasing the fixtures, I happened upon a newly opened wood shop that utilizes reclaimed wood and purchased enough 5/4″ cherry to fill the now re-purposed bonsai display stands. The cherry if left unsealed, should fade to a nice grey over time. Of course, if you want, you could stain and oil the cherry wood a mellow reddish cherry color. The overall dimensions of the stands are 30 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 8 inches in height. Being an industrial fixture with thick cherry planks, you can be assured that it will support and complement the heaviest of bonsai.

Close up view of the beautiful coloring, pitting, and overall warmth of the sealed rusted metal.  Planer marks can be seen in the cherry wood.

These display stands are meant to convey a feeling of wabishi/sabishi within the viewer. While living in Japan, I became interested in the national aesthetic philosophy of wabishi/sabishi. One of the reasons I entered the formal bonsai apprenticeship with Mr. Urushibata of TaiShoEn was in order to live the life of wabishi/sabishi. At times, I would discuss the philosophy with Mr. Urushibata and the conversation would always end with him stating that such a discussion is all well and good, but he was running a business and we must get back to work. Customers and hobbyists insisted that foreigners could not possibly understand the aesthetic and that even some native Japanese could not fully comprehend.


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If you, the reader, wish to learn more about this aesthetic, I refer you to Leonard Koren’s book, “Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers” published by Imperfect Publishing, 2008.

These stands are available for $5oo, including shipping within the contiguous United States, by emailing me at or by calling 518.495.1263. Your purchase will help support my endeavor to open a bonsai shop in the United States. Thank you.

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